Have you ever wondered why airlines make you travel through a hub airline and make a Continental connection? Why are there no direct flights within North America? Why are connections when traveling with continental North America so necessary for the airlines?

It all started in the 1980s as airlines began to streamline their operations and flights. Some ‘genius’ at the airlines came up with the idea to reduce Continental direct flights and only offer Continental connections, making travelers fly through hub airlines.

More Continental connections as the airlines will fall back on the only business model they know of. Which isn’t really the only business model. 

Look at Europe’s airlines. Between the lot of them, most cities have a direct flight .. No Continental connections in Europe. Maybe Marie and I should get a timeshare in Europe and take one of those fancy trans-atlantic flights with the fully-reclining seats for two. 

That’s not a half-bad idea. Are there any reputable timeshares in Europe?