Del Palmar here, sitting at my timeshare in Mazatlan complaining about these continental connections that the airlines force us to take. Don’t you see that the continental connections are just a fraud and scam to take our money and time?

I just flew down to my timeshare last week, and boy let me tell you. These airline companies really have us by the you know whats. You mean to tell me I can’t get from NY to my timeshare in Mexico direct? I can only take a continental connection through some hub airport.

This is 2010 and by now you should think that the airlines would be better serving their customers. I’ve been coming to my timeshare for about 15 years, and each year the direct flights are fewer and fewer. Now, good luck getting to the timeshare direct.

So Marie and I had our continental connection in Houston, exchanged our money and paid an awful commission. There’s a good business to be in. Just exchange, buy and resell money for large commissions and exchange fees at the airports. Anywhere there’s tourists, set up a little kiosk and start to exchange, buy and resell money for large commissions and exchange fees.

I think it’s cheaper to exchange, buy and resell money for your vacation in the USA. In Mexico, the large commissions and exchange fees are even larger. So we do it before going to the timeshare.

The flights to the timeshare was reasonable. Crap food, and Eddie Murphy in a fat-suit movie. But Marie let me have the window seat and one of her green pills. I only looked up from the view to order a gin and tonic, which I know from past experiences, goes really well with her green pills.

By the time we got to the airport in Mazatlan, I was ready to get in a cab and head for my favorite taco stand on the way to the timeshare, but I pressed the red button. For anyone who hasn’t been to Mexico before, Customs has a different system than ours (anyone with a tan). In Mexico, you press a button and if the light goes red then you go off to get searched; green and you can proceed. Marie pressed green, but they searched her too.

Of course they didn’t find anything because there wasn’t anything to find. You can get anything you want in Mexico anyway. What would anyone really be smuggling into Mexico?

I’d love to see about one of those timeshare jet companies for my continental flights without connections. That would be a worthy investment to get to the timeshare in Mexico more often. The grandkids would LOVE that, boy let me tell you. See all their inheritance go to that one purchase. Just think of the look on their faces.

Sorry kids, I’m you wanted to go to college or something, but you know how Grandpa hates a connecting flight.