I’m fed up with continental connections. Have you ever wondered if the airlines would do OK without making us do continental connections, and allow direct flights in their business plan?

Next week I have to leave my timeshare and get back to NY state. Well do you think I could get a flight without a connection? Nope. Only connections.. no direct flights for this weary traveller. Looking at the itineraries online, there’s not much selection.

I would like to fly back from my timeshare for less than a day’s travel-time with stops in some God forsaken hub airport again. My timeshare neighbors feel the same thing too. We talk about it over bridge at in the timeshare’s lounge on Tuesdays.

I haven’t been on a direct flight from my home in NY to the timeshare in Mexico in a long time, but let’s see… I have been to Europe and I know you can get a direct flight to almost anywhere within Europe between on of the many airlines there.

If the North American airline CEOs looked across ‘the pond’ to see how Europe’s airlines somehow co-operatively cover most cities with direct connections. No wonder you don’t hear about air-rage in Europe.

I love America and all, but let’s get our act together and urge the airlines to get more direct flights and less continental connections in North America.

Del Palmar